Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml
Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml
Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml

Littlefairs Wood Dyes Pastel Shades 250ml

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Indoor Use - Water Based - Environmentally Friendly - Non-Toxic
Quick Drying - Low Odour - Lightfast - Easy Brush Clean 
 Drying Time 
Touch dry in approximately 2 hours.

Please note: this is an approximate drying time. There could be a number of factors that may affect this. 

Approx. coverage of 10-12m² per litre, for one liberal coat.

Littlefair's wood dyes are lovingly bottled by hand in the North West of England using the unique colour formulae created by Mr. Littlefair himself. 

A unique formula that both penetrates and coats bare, sanded wood. It can be applied as a light wash effect or, with further coats, create a lovely soft pastel appearance. 

The ingredients in this dye allow it to be applied as a pale, transparent wash with more of the natural wood colour showing through - further coats will deepen the shade and create a more solid colour with a soft pastel, almost ‘chalky’ appearance.

Colour Reproduction
We endeavour to reproduce our colours and finishes as accurately as possible - both online and in print. However there are a range of factors to consider when comparing our samples to your chosen project: the type and condition of the surface itself may produce a slightly different appearance of the finished colour. Please bear in mind the shape, size and lighting conditions of your project.

Interior Wood Dye - Pastel Colours are for indoor use only.

Careful, thorough preparation will result in a far superior finish. 

Ensure your wood is as clean as possible and free from previous finishes. Do not apply the dye to wet surfaces. Well sanded wood will be far more receptive to dye, and this will form the basis for a good quality finish. Avoid cleaning the wood with white spirit! 

Upturn and shake well for between 5-10 minutes prior to use, ensuring any sediment is well mixed and the colour of the liquid is consistent throughout the entire bottle. Repeat prior to each use to ensure the shade of the dye is consistent.

Mixing Tip:

Try pouring half of the contents into a suitable container and replace the camp tightly. Now you can shake the bottle vigorously, ensuring that any settled ingredients are fully mixed in. Pour the remainder into the suitable container and stir it all together as one. Stir often during use!

Apply the dye liberally along the grain with a good quality brush. Once applied, simply allow the dye to soak into the wood and dry completely. Avoid the temptation to brush it again at this stage. After approximately 2 hours, a further coat can be applied to increase the depth of colour as desired.

We recommend using protective gloves and splash goggles during use and simply wash out your brush with cold water afterwards. 

Once dry, the dyed wood can be finished with a variety of finishing products depending on the desired result. Our Clear Finish Wax Polish will provide a soft, silky feel - however, our Extra Strong Varnish would generally be the best option for enhancing and protecting the colour. If you prefer the natural raw colour our pastel dyes will produce a reasonably tough surface, without further finishing, on areas that are not subject to wear and tear or moisture. 

Note: Varnishes will always change the final appearance to some extent - however our matt varnishes will have a lesser effect on the colour.

It’s important to note that the final appearance will be a combination of the natural colour of your wood, the effect of the dye and the finishing product if used. With this in mind - always produce a test piece so you can properly judge the result.