Faux Green plant in glass jar

Faux Green plant in glass jar

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Miniature Glass Succulents with White Stone and Plants for simple decoration

This cute Miniature Glass Pots does not need looking after. Perfect for busy lifestyles, there is no maintenance involved with these amazing products. No need to water and no mess if these are knocked over. 

Our plants are all carefully hand painted to add extra details to look identical to real plants. These are excellent home decor ideas and perfect home accessories as you will surprise your friends and family with the quality and how real these fake potted plants look. With a simple green plant, this beautiful piece is eye catching and will brighten up any corner of the room, window sill, shelf or anywhere in your home! 
Not just for homes and gifts, these products are also perfect for hospitality services such as offices, restaurants, hotels and B&B's as they will not need water or sunlight to stay alive!
A perfect addition to any interior, our succulents and plants are realistic and vivid and leave no mess!

Product Features:

  • Realistic Faux Indoor Plants from the UK
  • Premium Pots and Planters
  • Hand painted Artificial Plants
  • No Watering or Sunlight Needed!
  • No Mess, Stylish design
  • Perfect for Gifts

Product Dimensions:

Planter Size: Diameter 6cm x Height 6cm
Height with Plants: 10cm